“Silence is the Sleep That Nourishes Wisdom”

“You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you’ve been” — Maya Angelou

Often being compared to darkness, silence is a place where most of us find discomfort. It is in silence where we are forced to sit and watch as our thoughts race at top speeds, observing them as they flow. As the neurons fire on both hemispheres and we begin to attach feelings to our thoughts, it is then we begin the creation of our life experiences. We all have great dreams and inspiration buried inside of our subconscious and it is in the times of silence, where we can allow our imagination to co-create our present reality.

We are afraid of silence because we know that the skeletons in our closet like to sour a good moment. Other times we reflect on where we are in the moment and exactly how we got there. Whether we intend to or not, it is these thoughts that take shape in our creative patterns and reflect in our day to day explorations. It’s kind of similar to having a conversation around Siri or Alexa about a certain restaurant and then seeing advertisements for the same restaurants you were talking about. The universe works the same way.

For the longest time, my boy JR wanted this really expensive item. Everyone around him told him that he was crazy for wanting this expensive gizmo when you can find other gadgets that did very similar to the gizmo he wanted. Night in and night out, he spent countless hours in his creative process. So much so that after a few weeks, he eventually gave birth to the idea that he conceived in his head. Just as quickly as he received the item and took the “humble” approach, he allowed poisonous thoughts to take root. Spending more time focusing on coming up short and how life was too good to be true, his dream began to fade. Slowly but surely all of his hard work started to slip through his fingers. He started finding flaws within himself, which led to the lack of self-confidence, loss of ambition, and eventually, loss of direction.

Very similar to the role of Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in the movie “South Paw”, JR was on top of the world. He had a charming personality and kept himself well-groomed. After a string of unfortunate events and reaping seeds of lack, JR lost everything. Like falling dominoes, if it wasn’t one thing, it was another. No matter how hard he tried he just kept sinking and sinking. Then one day, he realized the reason for his demise was his thoughts. So he took note of his shortcomings, adjusted accordingly and rebounded back to the top of the ranks. After making the decision that he didn’t come this far for this to be the end of the road, he acknowledged the areas of change and swiftly went to work.

Very similar in story plot but very different in the scenario, we’ve all been like Billy Hope (Gyllenhall’s character in “South Paw”)and my boy JR. We’ve all bitten off more than we can chew and damn near died trying to swallow our mistakes. It is in silence that we can reconnect with our life’s purpose and through a consistent flow of positive thoughts, we can jump back on track at any time.

The key to jumping back on track is being as honest as you possibly can with yourself and telling yourself how it is. If you know you should be giving 100% in whatever endeavor you choose to follow, don’t fall short any longer. Today is the day where we sit down with ourselves and keep it real. Forgive yourself and move forward. Think back on all the situations that bred the person you are today. While you are observing your thoughts today, use silence as a tool to re-align with your higher self and transition into the person you were destined to be.

Starting today, let’s reflect on who we were, who we are and take strides in the direction in the likes of which we aspire to be.



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