“Stop Picking At Your Wounds & Give Yourself Time To Heal”

(source: planetofsuccess.com)

Remember back when we actually played outside as kids? We were fearless. Didn’t take much to entertain us then and I’m sure nothing much has changed. Along with being fearless, some of us gained a few battle scars to tell the story of our bravery. They may have hurt like hell but with time, the wound would heal with little to no visible marks. The trick though was letting our skin and cells regenerate without picking at the progress. That’s our focal point for this message.

No matter how much our guardians try to protect us from the ‘wrong choices’, we still make them anyway. Sometimes we walk away with minor cuts and bruises. Others, we walk away with bloody knees and scraped elbows.It doesn’t matter which way the ball rolls, we have to stop picking at our wounds and give ourself time to heal. It doesn’t mean ignoring bad situations like they never happen. It means you’re choosing to acknowledge them for what they were (learning experiences) and applying the lesson learned.

Mistakes can’t be avoided. There’s no such thing as a perfect, error free life. You can always make “better decisions” but sometimes things don’t go as planned. When plans don’t fall through or things don’t go the way you expected, it’s not because it wasn’t a good plan, it was because it wasn’t the plan that was designed for you. When we are forced to improv and play by ear, we unlock our instincts to make something from nothing. It’s a beautiful moment when everything that you thought couldn’t be replaced, is restored ten fold.

It’s in our darkest hours that we pull ourselves together and regain strength to keep pressing forward. The fight-or-flight response is in our genetic code and when it comes to creating the life we want, we should combat the negativity with optimism vs folding to pessimism. By being aware of the moment and understanding certain things are out of your control, you will begin to move differently. By allowing yourself time to heal, you are letting go of those hurtful situations that you constantly play in your mind to make room for new blessings.

In Muay Thai, fighters believe that the key to having a strong, powerful kick, is by doing shin conditioning. Some fighters practice on the full size punching bags. But the badasses, they “numb-down” their shins by kicking banana trees and bamboo shoots. That sounds extremely painful but when we think about the trials and tribulations that we go through daily, we will see that there is a similarity to whacking banana trees. We will see that the rejections that we face daily, the constant uphill battle with entrepreneurship, choosing happiness over misery, all helps strengthen our determination. If we continue to exercise our faith & condition our minds to battle through adversities, when we finally get the opportunity to prove ourself, we will be more prepared to reap the benefits.

As we look over our lives and the events that help shape who we are, it’s time we take all the bad ones and throw them in the trash. Those negative memories do not serve you anymore. That job rejection, failed relationship, empty job position, failed business plans and energy that doesn’t benefit your progression, it’s time to let it go. The wounds we accumulate over time are valuable life lessons to live and learn from. They are key events that help shape us as individuals. When we can get to the point of forgiveness we should not only forgive those that mistreated us, we should also forgive ourself for making the mistake. Once we do this, we will be able to let our let shine.

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