“The Ark Is Being Built”

“Someone’s inability to see your vision has nothing to do with your potential” — Unknown

One of the most influential stories that I like to refer to when I am in the slums is the story of Noah’s ark. Again, not going to get too “churchy” here but just follow me for a few seconds and it will make sense. Legend has it that God sent Noah a sign letting him know that a great flood was coming. Without hesitation & no sign of clouds in the sky, Noah set out on his quest to make his ark. He gathered wood and poured countless hours into making an unsinkable vessel.

What makes this story stand out to me the most, is that When God gave Noah the vision, he sent doubters to knock him off course. They made fun of him, called him crazy for believing rain was coming. They underestimated his ability to build a ship that allegedly carried two of every animal type. Those same people that ignored his lessons and made fun of him because he prepared for that moment, were the same people that were begging to get in as the flood waters rose. There’s a valid lesson to be learned here ladies and gents. Pull up a seat and let’s talk business.

The vision that we pursue from the time our feet hit the ground til the time we lay down is our version of the rain storm God promised Noah. We can either be distracted by the doubters that don’t think our desired level of success is attainable or we can remain on course and prove it to yourself that you evolved into the life that was ordained for you. Often times, we look at everyone around us and even though we won’t openly admit it, we get a little ungrateful. We forget that everybody is running their own race and without warning, we are crashing into their lane.

When we adopt Noah’s mentality, we don’t let outside opinions persuade us into running someone else’s race. Practicing living our truth is our greatest gift because it allows us to grow through tough times and keeps focused on whats in front of us. When we focus on what’s in front of us, it allows us to run our race. Eventually, the tides will change and that one big moment you’ve been waiting for will show up in the most unexpected time.

Focusing on your purpose of being (& existing) allows you to block out the negativity people try to spew towards you and enables you to carry out your specific mission. Had Noah taken his eye’s off his vision for just one split-second, he may have unknowingly drilled an extra hole in his ship, forgot the elephants or just flat out dubbed (cancelled) the whole mission. Instead, he put his head down and executed his mission in it’s entirety. When the storm came, guess who was S.O.L. (shit outta luck)? I’ll give you a hint it wasn’t Noah.

Putting your head down and worrying about what’s on your plate is the only sure way to reach your desired destination. When you are focused on being consistent, the results that transcend are deserved. They are deserved because you understood the sacrifice it takes to swim against the grain but you also understood that the reward is well worth the risk.

As we continue to execute our daily missions, remember this: “piece by piece, the ark is being built”. You may not be making those large career strides yet but every bit of effort you put towards bettering your life, self, situation, are all steps in the right direction. Allow your confidence to speak for you. Instead of talking about building the ark & wasting energy/time convincing people that they should join you, allow your work to be so dope that they fall in love with your process. Authentic support is genuine and is never forced. Authentically support yourself by putting in your 1000% into whatever it is you desire and allow yourself to walk into your season of abundance.

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